Research Facilities

Research is an area where a dream project of every individual can be explored, innovated and can be given a new shape to it. Hence at SIMS though the campus do not consist any research centre at present but still encouraging the research aspirants to attend the ‘Seminars’, ‘Workshops’ & ‘Conferences’ by providing some financial aid and also planning to establish research centre in the near future so that it will be useful both students & faculty members.

  • To promote research culture by encouraging high quality research activities among the faculty and student's fraternity.
  • To take up research projects with the financial assistance of various national and international organizations and societies.
  • To take up joint research projects with industry.
  • To disseminate current research knowledge among the teaching fraternity through an in-house biannual journal in the areas of Management, Commerce, Information Technology, Hospitality Management and Humanities
  • To organize national and International conferences/Seminars
  • To encourage faculty members to participate in conferences and seminars organized by outside agencies through sponsoring them.
  • To encourage faculty members participation in conferences and seminars through sponsorships.
  • To provide strategic guidance to the Research activities.
  • To guide the faculty and students to prepare research proposals/projects to be submitted to various funding agencies.
  • To endorse the research proposals taken up by the institute and supervise the progress of the research work.
  • Formulating and promoting policies and procedures that enhance and expand research culture
  • Sharing resources, information and best practices for research
  • Offering expertise for research communication for writing research papers, paper presentations, etc.