Department of Computer Application


The Dept. of BCA was established in 2009 with 15 students. In appreciation to the growing importance of Computer Applications in business and visualizing the career prospects. The purpose of we launching BCA is to facilitate human resource development in the subject with 15 students. At present, Dept. of Computer Science and Applications with around 101 students.

The course is designed to bridge the gap between IT industries and the institute by incorporating the latest developments into the curriculum. Our college has an excellent group of dedicated faculty and experts from the IT industry, guiding you. An exclusive and well - equipped lab for the department provides hands-on training in various fields of computers. You will also be trained in various simulators to improve your knowledge in the field of technology.

Through our Computer Application programme you will gain an in-depth understanding of computer-based information systems in the IT hub of India, Bangalore. Bangalore provides the highest opportunity for graduates of Computational Sciences and IT. The first two years of the course focus on programming, computer systems, databases, and logic. The third year includes a project implementing a sophisticated piece of software.

BCA programme is designed to transform the candidate into competent computer professional, to take on the challenges of globalization and information technology. Training on both software and hardware concepts shall equip the student with adequate knowledge and practice in the field of computer sciences. All the students are recommended to own laptops for their personal study purposes.


10+2 / Pre-University Course/Equivalent (During admissions, the College fixes minimum cut off marks from the qualifying examination).


The vision of the Department is to create an environment and culture that fosters excellence and diversity; innovative thinking; values of mutual respect and ethical behaviour which can empower human potential in service to both Science and Society.


The mission of the Department of Computer Science is to strive for excellence in IT education through cooperative and collaborative efforts between students and staff, seeking assistance from the private sector and centers of higher education when appropriate.


The main objective of Bachelor of Computer Application course is to impart the quality computer education and also to enhance the skills to provide the opportunities for students to develop a firm foundation in computers, mathematics and design methodology applied to the disciplines of computer-science and information technology.


  • Gaining critical knowledge in the areas of Computer Science, Electronics Physics and Mathematics.
  • Developing analysis and critical thinking skills required for success in scientific endeavours.
  • Developing research skills through independent research projects and an understanding of the scientific process.
  • Preparing an independent research project for submission to local, state and national competitions in any scientific area.
  • Relating and applying abstract concepts to concrete, real – world problems.
  • Exploring individual scientific interests through expanded learning opportunities.
  • Encouraging active and effective participation in collaborative learning experiences to maximize academic and social growth.
  • Utilizing technology effectively for research, learning and experimental analysis.
  • Encouraging both students and faculty members to become involved in activities such as clubs, field trips, enrichment classes, workshops etc., that enhance the understanding of the various branches of Sciences.
  • Becoming aware of the roles and responsibility of the scientific community in the solutions to global problems.

Key Benefits

  • Reputation for good teaching in a student friendly environment.
  • SIMS has excellent facilities for the sole use of the department.
  • Develops an understanding of the Application of Computing and Domain Knowledge
  • "Joy of Learning" is the principle guiding strategy for all courses at SIMS.
  • SIMS employs the method which fuels ambition in the student, provides ample resources to excel and continuous mentoring for the students to achieve their goal.
  • We train you to Professionally Do and Scientifically Know.
  • Most recent technologies included in value added courses.
  • Mini-Projects have been included to develop professional programming skills
  • Embedded grooming of professionals aimed at better placement.
  • Successful graduates are highly placed in varied organizations including banking, finance, management and major software houses.

Value Added Programs for the benefits of Students

  • .NET
  • Android App Development
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Digital Marketing

Glimpses/Achievements of the Academic year 2016-17

  • BCA 6th SEM results were announced and department got 93% result.
  • 21st June yoga day celebrated by P.Ed Dept.,
  • 1st July inaugural function for 1st year students.
  • Orientation program for all the 1st year students on 4th, 5th and 6th by renowned person named, Mr. Kiran Sagar.
  • Physical Fitness activity to improve the self confidence level of the students by the teachers from Mysore.
  • Guest lecture on communication skills from Mr. Deepak from IIET
  • Guruvandhana program from 1st year BCA students on 19.07.2016
  • First internals for all the students
  • Second and Final year students conducted ‘puzzle’ and ‘debugging’ events for first year students on 29.07.16 and 30.07.16
  • Collective fresher’s day celebration from senior students to their junior student friends
  • Students invited to selection for various sports category by Dr. Harish P M sports dept
  • 1st June we issued /distributed a handbook specially designed for BCA students by the HOD Praveen Kumar to bring the awareness about BCA program on inaugural function day
  • Few selected BCA students from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd along with Mrs. Sheela Madam visited the nearby government school to spread the awareness on usage of computers and distributed sweets to school children
  • ISO audit was successful without any AFI’s on 19/08/2016.
  • Students were participated in various sports activities such as,
    • IT competition- National College Basavangudi.
    • Volley Ball - @ st.paul
    • Volley Ball - @ Shesadripuaracollege.
  • Collective celebration of Independence day @ SIMS campus
  • Students were sent to 3 different colleges to participate in various cultural events in their college. The names of colleges are:
    • Jain College –Jaynagar 9th Block.
    • MES College - Malleshwaram 1st college.
    • MLA College - Malleshwaram.
  • SET sports director conducted various events such as throw Ball, Thug-of- war and cricket for all Faculty members and our faculty members participated enthusiastically.
  • Mr. Devendra pathak Principal of MNIT Degree College visited SIMS Campus and Gave guest lecturing on mathematic skills.
  • 30th and 31st August Android app Development was conducted successfully and our SIMS campus was considered as the Zonal Centre for the workshop by “Techradiance IIT-Bombay”
  • 18th of September 2016 Parent Teacher Meeting.
  • 19.9.16 Hindi Divas Celebration
  • Combizit 2k16 a mega event on 23rd and 24th September 2016.
  • 27. Soundarya Premiere League was organized by sports department in this month.
  • NSS shramadhan on 1.10.2016
  • 8/10/16 saraswati pooja Celebration in SIMS campus.
  • NSS Shramadhan by 1st year BCA Students on 22.10.2016
  • Commencement of practical examination of Bangalore University for BCA Students in from 20.10.2016 to 2.11.2016.
  • 20/10/2016 eye check up camp at SIMS campus by rotary Chief guest Mr.Shashikanth, President of rotary Club and Dr. Vidya-Eye Specialist.
  • College re-opened on Dec 26th 2016.
  • On Jan 2nd 2017, New year celebration by 1st year BCA students & took some resolutions
  • 18th of Jan 2017, Orientation program to final year students of all the stream from “Jnanadhare” titled as “What next after Graduation” from Mr. Mohan & Team
  • On 20th of Jan 2017, “Career Guidance” program from Mrs. Rajath Rashmi from “Dheya”
  • On 21st of Jan 2017, we celebrated “Unity in Diversity” collective fest.
  • 30th, 31st of Jan & 1st , 2nd of Feb 1st Internals
  • 5th of Feb 2017, Our SIMS students participated in a “Cancer Walkathon” and bought the awareness among the public. This walkathon demonstrated the concern of our students towards the society
  • 20th of Feb 2017, IV sem BCA students conducted “IT Quiz” for 1st & Final year students.
  • 2nd & 3rd of March 2017, Workshop on “Big Data” by IIT-Bombay
  • 14th ,15th ,16th of March 2017 2nd internals
  • 27th of March 2017, Guest lecturing for final year BCA students on the topic of “Digital Marketing” by “Mr. Nataraj” (Raksha Infotech.)
  • Apart from this our students have participated in various “Events, Fests and Sports” organized by various other institutes and also won the overall “Champions Trophy”